July 1, 2013

Four Day Weekend

No Monday video today because not much exciting has happened other than lots of down-pouring rain. 

I started my four day weekend not how I REALLY wanted to. I really just wanted to curl up on the couch and sleep. I was bound and determined to prove people wrong though and decided to groom and bathe both horses. They didn't see it coming, no one did, not even me, but in an attempt to gain control of Echo's wild mane... I roached it. Then I bathed her, and repeated on Dakota. I thought I'd regret it, but it turned out pretty decent and as Echo's mane grows back I'll hopefully be able to tame it better. 
Roached maned mare.
Itchy Mare
The Best Duo
Then in the evening I tagged along with George and Colleen to pick up a horse that was coming to the barn to be boarded. She previously kept her horse Lifey (a 21yr old Holsteiner) here before but moved sometime after I had left for Michigan. She took her to the most expensive and prettiest boarding farm in Lexington area - however it's apparently also the worse for horse care. Pictures of the place from the pickup:

Saturday was my birthday which also didn't go fully as planned. Mother Nature prevented us from going to Churchill Downs as planned, but we went out to dinner and I had a great night hanging out with my friends who also got me a yummy ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Huge thank you everyone who sent me well wishes on my birthday :)

Yesterday... well I was pretty much useless. I helped clean some stalls but sleeping was my main priority which has carried over into today. I did get grain this morning to feed my beast, good accomplishment for the day. Tomorrow is my final day off on my extended weekend. I'm determined to ride at least one of my horses but at the same time it's felt great to relax before a stressful week to come. 6 Days until Michigan to move :)


  1. I need a jalepenos night with all of you... I'm getting stir crazy here.

    1. Agreed. I'm game any night I'm not stuck at TJC til 9pm!

  2. Glad you had a good birthday despite the weather!