July 19, 2013

Muzzle Musings

Oh Echo... What am I going to do with you?

I love my mare, I really do, but sometimes I just look at her, shake my head and see one disaster of a horse. We got her hind end female issues clear, now I have a clover induced drooling mess of a horse with a messed up muzzle. 
Drool and some of the spotting on her muzzle. Such a glorious sight.
When I got Echo last fall, she arrived with what I assumed to be spots of sunburn from being left outside 24/7. The first week I had her, I applied Corona Ointment daily and it cleared up. No more problems.

Pre Michigan Photo - you can see slightly the muzzle spots.
My thoughts:
  • If it was an allergy to grass, clover or a weed wouldn't it be on more of her body?
  • If it was Vitiligo would she loose hair or have changes to her hair?
  • I've given her mineral blocks in both stall and her field, as well at adding a little extra mineral top dressing to her grain to try and rule out either a copper or iron deficiency. 
  • Not summer / sweet itch. It'd be all over her body for sure.
Regardless of whatever it is, it clearly isn't bothering her, just me. I'll update on what vet says whenever I have him take a look at it. Not in a HUGE rush to figure it out, just would like to know.

More delish drool.

Side note - I lunged her this morning before work. She was a mess. Acted like she's never lunged in her life. Time to figure out how to get consistent with her again. 

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