July 11, 2013

The Move

Move = Done.

I got to Michigan by 10:30 Sunday night after an alright drive. I had to stop and take a few 15 minute power naps but not too big of a deal. 
The Before
Monday morning my Dad got the U-Haul super early - too early for me at least. Then my uncle that was in town from Chicago came and helped us load the truck in record time. It took us about 90 minutes start to finish to get everything in. I'm 100% positive that if my uncle had not helped, we would either 1) still be loading it OR 2) half my stuff would still be in Michigan. My Dad just does not listen to me on stacking and packing. He clearly never played Tetris. So thank you to my wonderful uncle!

The After
Tuesday we packed up the cats and few remaining things around the house and got on the road by 9:30 in the morning. Mid drive my phone starts blowing up from my bank that there were fraud charges on my account. Moral of the story? Don't go to a McDonald's while you're on a road trip, or probably ever because that shit just isn't that good. Anyways, I love my bank and they had already froze my account and reversed all charges for me before they called me then overnighted me a new debit card. Fast forward a few hours and we finally got to Lexington. Went to dinner, and started unloading. Fast forward another hour or so we called it quits for the day.

Then my Dad forgot to latch the back door. I laughed and took a picture before I helped. I know, I'm a good daughter.
Holly Riding in style.
Abu riding in his crate and wearing his thundershirt!
Wednesday morning we finished the few boxes left to be taken inside. I followed my Dad to the barn with the truck and we unloaded the rest of my barn stuff there and he took off back to Michigan and I went home to attempt to unpack and recover.

And Kentucky welcomed me back with a lovely Thunderstorm on Wednesday afternoon.


  1. Glad everything went pretty much aok!

  2. Whoops, at least you didn't lose too much stuff! Glad the move went well.

  3. yay for a good move! Love the picture of the stuff that fell out, always good to have a sense of humor! :)