July 21, 2013

Heat heat go away!

Well it stopped raining. Which I should of known meant time for it to heat up. I'm such a northern sissy when it comes to heat. It gets 80+ and I won't entertain the idea of riding. 85+ I have to force myself to the barn but if there's a breeze I'm alright. 90+ I'm flat out useless and slug my way through cleaning stalls and go home ASAP. How the heck do my California & Florida friends ride in this? 

Heat index is well over 100 I believe for next couple of days. If I want to ride, looks like I'll be planning on saddling up around 9-10pm at this rate. Yay for indoors with decent lighting. 

Positive note. It's been just over 4 weeks since Dakota had his shoes put on. 1) He still has them on *knock on wood* 2) Check out the crazy amount of growth he's had! The top point was at his coronet band when he had the shoes put on in June. The I'm beyond thrilled that this farrier didn't completely screw up the angles of his hooves and had made the shoes last this long with no glue needed (especially with all that rain we had). I may actually have a shot at getting this crazy crazy crazy crack in his hoof to grow out with the summer growth burst in combination of good farrier and winter not around corner to have to pull them off.

For those that don't know... he's had this crack, that started as a sand surface crack in 2006 before we moved to Kentucky the first time. It's grown 1/2 way out before, then winter came and I had to pull them because it was so icy. It then progressed to a deeper crack, going through the white line at one point. Fingers crossed.

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