July 7, 2013

Moving Time!

I drive to Michigan this afternoon after I'm off work at 3. Long few days ahead but I cannot wait. 

No real pony news other than last night, as I go to clean Dakota's stall I see one entire wall is covered in a light blue mold. Que a bucket of soap, bleach and a stiff bucket brush. It was absolutely disgusting. Pretty sure it's because the person that had that stall before me 1) fed her horse in a water bucket 2) fed him a mash almost daily 3) never cleaned up after her horse. When I had sanitized the stall before Dakota & Echo arrived to Lexington the hardened mash on the wall was going nowhere. I can now say, its clean. Last thing I wanted to do last night, especially with my extreme intolerance for mold, yay allergies.

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