October 5, 2012

T Minus 48 Hours

As the week closes and 5:00 nears for me to head home I'm thankful this week has flown by and yet terrified. 5:00 means I'm within 48 hours of Woven Web. Trying to find things to distract me from watching the clock but it's harder than it sounds.

List of the top things bugging me. Probably not a great list but writing it all down seems to help my semi frantic brain.
  • Shipper falling through for some unknown reason. The person I'm using has many many great reviews from other customers but that only slightly eases my mind. 
  • How she'll settle and adjust to Michigan life. She's on pure grass right now in a huge gorgeous Kentucky field and I'm sure the shock of being on no grass, hay only and a new routine is going to boggle her mind for awhile. 
  • How I'm going to get along with her in general and how she's going to handle her new life.
Only a short Finite Math assignment for over the weekend, Accounting homework is already done which leaves me with Micro Economics exam as the only thing that will take up enough time to distract me. Doesn't help though that the Econ exam is due by midnight on Sunday and the testing center at the college isn't open on Sunday like I thought so I have to cram to take it Saturday morning at 9am. Of course in my typical fashion the amount of studying I have done for the exam is at 0. Literally 0. 
Saturday morning after my test I'm going to be heading to the grain mill to pick up my 'Triple Crown Complete' grain. I've been ordering TC Complete from them but with no one keeping TC grain in stock in my area it's really a pain to have to wait for it to be delivered. With that, I decided to let the grain mill have a go at making me something similar. I have them the analysis and ingredients of the TC grain and they said they can get really close to it so that works for me! Did I mention I'll be saving close to $9 a bag?

Saturday afternoon my barn owner, her husband & daughter and I are heading to Kentucky to look at a completely different horse for her daughter. Just south outside of Cincinnati so we're looking at a solid 5 1/2 hour drive one way. Sooooo I won't be taking my Econ exam on Saturday as a distraction but I figure even 1/2 that time in the car will be a good study opportunity. We're driving straight back so as long as we have no car issues or delays I'll sleep in the car and make take my exam on Sunday morning. Risky I know, but it's only way I'm likely to get cram my studying in for this test. 

The horse we're going to look at is a 8yo OTTB gelding that has already been eventing and is at least 16.2 so a good height for the daughter. If they decide to get him, the shipper I'm using for Woven Web has room for another horse and would be able to pick the gelding up on her way to Michigan with Woven Web.

I got all of my new stuff for her in the mail over the last 3 days. I bought a new grooming set so she has her own, few saddle pads, supplements, bit, polos, treats, etc to use and spoil her with. Whoever says that Christmas has to only be in December is sorely mistaken and has never received multiple boxes of new horse supplies in the mail before. I've felt like its my birthday and Christmas all in one the last week. Supplies and then her arrival!

No such thing as too many saddle pads!
FINALLY found a kelly green saddle pad. Slightly sad the piping is navy and not royal, but it's still pretty!
I had a lot of help taking things out of their boxes. My cat thought the laundry bag that came with the polos was wonderful and proceeded to sleep like this.

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