October 12, 2012

Quick Update 10/12

Nothing too major to update so this will be short. 

Yesterday was an extremely long day for me. I worked 4 1/2 hours, went to my accounting class, then I went and swam an hour before my water aerobics class. It was 7:40 by the time I got to the barn. I still had to get over to the farm I am pet sitting for so I quickly watered, threw hay, mixed grain and did a poor job of picking stalls. 

Woven Web officially is a pain with her hay. She pulled all of it out of the hay net and still continued to trash it. Maybe she wants straw bedding, but any rate her new hay bag can't get here fast enough. 

While I was doing her stall, I brought Dakota in and threw him in the arena with her. Figured it wouldn't be too traumatic since they see each other every night now over the stall divider. Wrong. Dakota was a bully and chased her around. Double barrel kicked her twice in same spot. Sigh. I finished his stall fast and got him in his stall. I went in the arena with her and she started giving me problems just leading her. Soooo I pulled out my short lunge line with a chain and decided it was time for a round of respect lunging. After 2-3 rounds you could see she was a bit sore in her shoulder from being double kicked by Dakota. So I ended it on a good note, covered her in a ton of liniment and headed off to feed the dogs and horses where I was pet sitting.

Today, I'm off work at 3:00 and running home fast then off to the barn for the rest of the evening. I plan on putting her in the arena and making sure she's still not sore from Dakota torturing her. If we're good to go, I'll be attempting turn out again with her. We may have to have another space conversation. Biggest thing is going to be for her to learn that its not okay for her to throw her shoulder into me every time I lead her.

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