October 17, 2012


Well the title says it all. I've finally decided on a barn name for Woven Web, Echo. When I was younger, before I ever had Dakota, the barn I rode at had a filly named Echo. Ever since then I've absolutely loved it as a barn name. I've debated every name from Cava, Mango, Merlot, Charlotte, etc. I really wanted to use the name Cava, but it just didn't fit her. As one of my friends told me, I can always use it in the future to name a foal she might have. So with that, Echo it is!

I've gotten a little flack for the name from people saying it's a boy's name. But I grew up knowing a filly named Echo and she was awesome so :P to those who think its a boys name.

Yesterday Echo spend the entire day outside in the mare field. I figured it'd be best to have a go at it in the morning when they can all peacefully eat their morning hay. According to the barn owner it went smoothly and she was eating her hey while the others ate too. I didn't get out until 7:30 last night so it was past dusk when I was able to bring her in. I was a bit nervous about fishing her out of the field but she was hiding in the back corner and once she saw me about 20 feet away she came right up to me. Other than the fact I was happy she came to me, I was also thankful that was 20 feet of mud I didn't have to trek through.

I took her into the arena to make sure she didn't have any obvious injuries or beat up markings and she was full of energy and proceeded to free lunge herself without much encouragement from me. I finally got the energy topped off her and took her to be groomed. She continued her trend of being good and picking all 4 hooves up without a fuss - almost better at it than Dakota. Worse part of the night was my realization that she's WAY too smart and figured where I keep her treats. She pulled the velcro flap down from my stall door organizer and had her mouth on the bag before I could stop her. She didn't get any treats but she's made it clear her abilities to get into things. 

Also for two nights in a row she has cleared up her hay and I haven't seen a single piece left behind. Yay for hay clean up!

I'm off work at 5:00 tonight and with nothing major pressing me to get home I'll be going out and having a good round of respect lunging with her after our argument over it on Monday night.


  1. Echo is a cute name and I think very unisex.

  2. Lovely name and isn't she a clever pony!
    As one with a clever mare - let me tell you now...there'll never be a dull moment! :p
    Welcome to the joys of smart mare ownership! The stories will be good - trust me teehee!
    Can't wait to hear what else she gets up to!

    1. We can share mare stories :D As long as Echo doesn't end up at a Pizza Hut like your girl did I think we'll be set on adventures!

      PS every time I drive by a Pizza Hut I think of miss K.

  3. Gosh I hope no one else ever has to share that particular experience!
    Wouldn't wish it on anyone - Wandering Wagon!
    Still gives me the shivers!