October 30, 2012


Well I'm back home to Michigan!

Yesterday was rough though. Stayed home all day with the worlds most intense migraine. One where I was super light sensitive and could handle zero noise. After sleeping most of the day and then lots of drugs, I finally made it to the barn about 5:30 last night.

While I was gone, fields had been rearranged yet again. This time, the smaller field has May, Indy, Echo and Glitch. The evil mare, Ezzy, is back out in the big field with the boys and everyone seems very content. Echo and Glitch were buddy buddy today and all was well in the fields tonight.

With the possibility of a rain / snow mix tonight and next few evenings, we were rushed to get the horses in tonight. The wind is nasty here so I can hardly imagine what it is like on the East Coast. So I got Echo and Dakota in and I'm pretty sure both were happy to see me. I gave Echo a big hug in the field and Dakota gave me his version of a hug. I cleaned stalls with both horses in, which was a lot easier than it sounds. Echo was a fan of having her stall door open and being able to look out.

I took Echo out and gave her a really thorough grooming. If she was a cat, pretty sure she'd would have been vibrating the entire barn with purring. Needless to say she was happy to bee groomed. Took her in the arena to do a light lunging session and she was really good going to the left and walked / trotted like her pro self. Next to the left she started good, and started being a dork after about 2 times around. Every time she passes the gate she tries to throw her butt into the corner and refuses to move. So this time, I moved one step ahead of her. I had the attitude of you like the corner so much, fine you're going to lunge there. I moved her so that the gate and side of arena gave her a corner to move through and started on a very short line length and made it a point of you ARE going to do this. After about two or three attempts to stop she realized there was no where to swing her butt into and had no real choice except to lunge. I moved out a bit and let her make a bigger circle. I ended her on a good note since tonight was by far the best she's gone to the right.


  1. I hope you are feeling better! *hug*
    Nasty migraines! Have never had one and hope not to ever get one, they sound like the evilest things!
    Delighted to hear that both horses are glad to have you back - and even more happy to hear that Echo is learning to behave better on the lunge. :)
    "Baby steps not miracles" as a good friend keeps reminding me - it'll all come together in the end!

  2. Thanks dearest :) I'm feeling a bit better today and am back at work.

    That's a great phrase to remember. I feel like I should have it engraved on her stall so when I'm frustrated that's what I remember.