October 8, 2012

Safe and Sound


The day went nothing like I planned. Shipper had been telling me all week that she was showing at some barrel racing event in Louisville. Well... Saturday night when I talked to her on our way to see the gelding she told me she was in Glascow KY which is 3 hours from Lexington rather than the 1 1/2 to Louisville. I asked her for a general time that they'd be in Paris to get Woven Web and she said to plan on Noon. Okay, fine, no problem. I let all my connections know the update and we continued onto see the gelding and test him out (they ended up buying him). So yesterday (Sunday morning) they call at 11:15 and say they're on the road and will be there in 2-3 hours - so 3:30 max right? I talked to them at 2:30 and they informed me they were still 2 1/2 hours away!!!!! I think they took the scenic route or something because 5 hours is a long time for a 3 hour drive, even with an empty horse trailer. At 5:15 I got a call saying she was loaded and they were off to get the gelding. By 9:00 I finally called and they said they were in Indiana heading out way. So we camped out on the couch, trying to sleep, waiting for another call.

She arrived with the other horse from Kentucky (that my barn owner's daughter got Saturday night on our fast trip to see him) at about 4:18 this morning. 

She was extremely happy to get off the trailer and was very.... eager to get inside the barn. We put the two in the indoor arena so they could walk around and stretch their legs a bit before we put them in their stalls for some hay and water. You could tell the two bonded in the trailer because there was no squealing or kicking between them and I'm pretty sure she already went into heat for him. Someone forgot to tell her he's a gelding I think.

I can tell she's going to be a handful just by how she acted being led, but I'm already in love with her! She's absolutely gorgeous and I think she's at least 16.2 1/2, possibly 16.3. Once she was quietly munching on her hay in her stall I sneaked in for a few minutes and just pet and talked to her. Very very sweet girl!

Since I got very little sleep I'm not working this morning, most likely not at all today. I'll be going out this afternoon to groom, feed, and hand walk her around and of course snap some pictures.


  1. Yippee, she's here!! Congrats on horse ownership, again!!

    1. Lol again?! You mean ownership of two :P We can't forget Dakota haha.

  2. Glad she made it safe and sound!