October 28, 2012

Bluegrass Love

Today's my last day in Lexington. I'm writing this before I leave, because every time I leave, I'm an emotional mess.

I try to hold my emotions in, but it never works. If I drive there, I start crying when I drive over the Ohio River bridge and I see the "Welcome to Ohio" sign indicating I'm no longer in Kentucky. I fly, I keep myself composed until the security person checks your drivers license and boarding pass and ask "How are you today?" Well what are you suppose to say? Terrible? Then they think you're some security risk and everyone starts looking at you funny, yes I did that once. So then you try to respond with "I'm good" but I know it is a lie and I start crying anyway. There's no good way for me to leave.

This was one of those trips that reminded me of why I moved back to Michigan, but in a good way. It reminded me of why I needed to move home, to finish school. Lets face it, not much you can do career wise without you bachelors or masters degree and if I wanted to remain sane I had no option but to leave my job and return to school. It made me realize the happiness I had while living in Lexington was worth fighting for even of it meant leaving for awhile. I'm very sad to be leaving my wonderful friends in Lexington but I just keep reminding myself the distance isn't forever.

Taking the Back Entrance to the Kentucky Horse Park
My Favorite Picture of the Trip

Main Drive on Walnut Hall Limited
Amazing Colors
Grave Site and Memorial to John Henry
Grave Site and Memorial for 1987 Kentucky Derby Winner Alysheba
Pathway Leading to Hall of Champions

The One and Only, legendary Cigar
Ikaros, Knabstrupper in the breeds barn @ KHP


  1. Gorgeous photos - I just adore the colours!
    If I do ever manage to get myself to Kentucky, which I really hope to some day! I really hope that I might be there at the same time as you - would be great to have a "local" show me around all the best equine sights!
    Judging from the above pictures, my birthday month would be a great treat to myself for a visit - the colours are simply stunning!
    I LOVE Love love Autumn for just that reason...could do without the cold though, :p

    I hope Dakota & Echo will help with the sadness of leaving Lexington behind!

    1. Well if for any reason I'm NOT in Lexington and you're going to be, you best be letting me know so I can make arrangements to be there :) I'd love to show you around :D