October 8, 2012

First Encounters

With such a busy weekend, everyone forgot that the farrier was coming out at Noon today. So I took advantage of that and got Woven Web trimmed. She was way better than I expected!! Very good girl. I dewormed her today as well since no one is really sure the last time it was done on her. 

I'll ramble more on her tomorrow, but for now, here's a bunch of pictures. Lets face it, pictures are the best part!

Watching the farrier trim the other horses.
Hair Cut! Still needs to be pulled but already better.

With my friend Erin


  1. I was going to say, wth happened to her mane!

  2. You HAD to post the picture of me in it looking like a 'tard. Thanks- I knew we were besties this long for a reason. Sheesh.

    1. Of course I had to. Did you really expect less from me?