October 19, 2012

Pretty in Pink

And pretty in purple. 

In the evenings now when I am doing ground work with Echo, she comes out of it sweaty and in colder and colder temperatures the last thing I want is a sick mare. So I figured it was time to invest in a couple of coolers. I got her a black, classy Amigo cooler that should be here today, but in the mean time I got her a secondary cooler.

I told myself I was going to stick to my blue / green combinations of colors and not go crazy with pink like I have in the past but I had a moment of weakness when I saw this rug for sale on horze.com. I had a 40% off coupon and I couldn't pass it up. 

For anyone wondering, I'm officially in love with horze.com. Over the past month I've had two orders from there and nothing in either order can I complain about. I saw someone on a horse forum describe it as the IKEA of the horse world. Couldn't of said it any better myself. 

Again, as all new things I try with Echo, I had no idea if she had ever worn a blanket and if she did, how long had it been? So I started out, because its kind of wild colors with the contrast of white / color for them, just wearing it over my shoulders while I groomed her. She arched her neck and was snorting when she first saw it but wasted no time in putting her mouth all over it to see if it was edible. Next I just started rubbing it all over her body and she really flat out didn't care. I then just put the rug on almost just like I would if I was blanketing a horse I knew was fine with the process, again she didn't care. The only problem I had was she wanted to help buckle the front and kept trying to move the straps! I didn't tighten or cross the belly straps because she was so good I didn't want to push it, but that'll come next time!

Checking herself out and approving of her new rug.
Really wanting to get to her dinner.
Happily munching on dinner not caring at all about the blanket.
In other Echo news, yesterday (Thursday) was her third day spending the day in the mare field. She's starting to hold her ground against the grumpy mare Ezzy. Echo was flirting with one of the geldings over the fence and Ezzy came to chase her away and Echo apparently kicked her and made her go away. When I was there in the evening, it started drizzling an annoying amount of rain and Echo was hiding in the run in, well the older mare May, and the pony went in with her and Ezzy found herself not being allowed into the run in! So we're making progress on Echo fitting into the herd. Her new hay feeder got here as well and she was a bit annoyed with it last night but got over it pretty fast.


  1. Sounds like she's settling in well. Colours are fab, although one cannot go wrong with purple! :D
    Loving the updates and hearing all about her personality as she shares it with you. Thinking of taking the plunge on a second horse myself as a mare my aunt bred and is now backed ready for sale who I've had my eye on since she was still with her mother is for sale!
    Now just to get my mother to come around, :p, although as I've told her, it's my money, my time, my choice!

    1. I think you should take the leap :D I tell my parents the same thing. My Dad has very little interest in horses, so he has yet to find out about Echo. I've had 'project' horses in the past and in high school that I bought / sold without him knowing so until he shows interest there's no need for him to know about my dear Echo :D