May 22, 2014

Ride Time

Must. Start. Writing. More. 

So this past Sunday L and I went out for a Dakota / White Prince trail ride and then the plan was for me to ride Echo and her to ride her other horse Gio for some arena time. I knew getting ready for the ride Echo was in a squirrely mood. Finally got her tacked up and L jumped on her first to see how she was going to behave overall. Walked and trotted around and she was handed over to me. For me, I just knew I needed to get back on her and remind myself I'm able to ride her, so I planned on just working on some circles and lots of stopping > walk and walk > stop transitions. 

Tuesday was time for a L ride and going into it I could tell Echo was in a much better mood. Looking back all the horses were a little wiggy and off on Sunday so not worried much about riding Echo again. I usually stand on the rail to watch L ride, but decided to stand in the middle - which caused a great distraction for MareFace, but she got over it and realized she had to listen to Lauren. I set up two single ground poles just to get her walking over them again under saddle. Finally L got her to canter both directions on the correct lead, though picking up her left was more difficult. She went over the poles I had set up without blinking an eye. After L cooled her out we started pulling her mane. It's super long since it hasn't been touched since I roached it last summer. I'm never doing that again on her!

Hopefully going to do another ride on her tomorrow, whether it's myself or L that will ride her I'm not sure but someone will be!

I have dubbed this the "Did I do well mom?" Look


  1. Yay Echo! I wish I could see her go in person - maybe I can sneak peak when I visit in June??

    1. Of course, when are you going to be here?