May 9, 2014

Catching Up: Me

I'm alive. I've officially moved. Rolex X Country day did a number on me. I think my pedometer thingy topped out at me walking 10-11 miles on the day. I was beyond muscle sore for the next three days. Bad timing for moving. Somehow though, I got it done. 
Happy cat's on leashes! Great distraction for when I needed to be packing. 
I only lightly hit one curb driving this beast moving day. 
Now the fun part is going to be getting back on track all around and settled into the new place, unpacking, and looking ahead as to what the next 6 months is going to bring. 

Also yesterday marked my one year anniversary of being back in Lexington. It's been a crazy year of bad decisions / learning moments sprinkled with the occasional good thing I've done. Lets just keep myself and the four furry creatures healthy for the next year and I'll be happy!


  1. Here is to another year in Lex!

  2. Playing catch up, but cannot believe it has been a year already!
    May there be many more with happier memories ahead!