May 14, 2014

Shes Back!

I've failed to get pictures, but Echo has officially been ridden twice now! L took her out on Friday and again Monday evening. 

Friday they stuck to the arena, doing walk/trot, some circles and stopping and starting. It was mostly a ride to see how she would handle it. Her hoof placement looked normal, other than her usual annoyance with the bell boot that's still over the hoof for extra protection. 

Monday L was eager to push Echo to see what she'd mentally handle, so after a few rounds of the arena, I just heard the words "this is boring" so she took her outside to ride around the grass 'track' area. I had told her about my outside riding attempt with her back in Michigan so I think she was secretly hoping for some bucking action. Echo however was her normal rock-star self and only had a few moments of not wanting to go forward. 

She got trimmed / reset today so I'm anxious to see how she progresses from here. I promise pictures of her next outing.