May 20, 2014

3 Month Hoof

Yesterday marked the 3 month mark since Echo's hoof injury. Time flies when you're having fun? Something like that. 

Note the growth! This is the inside off the hoof where the damage had been done. There is some proud flesh there but 1-2 more trim's you might not be able to see any remains of it. The shoe will probably come off on the next farrier visit. 
The outside of the hoof. You can see the ridges and bumps. It's probably going to take a while for the hoof to look completely normal but we're getting there. The coronet band is new growth - hence the nice whiteness of it. 

Last Friday was her first day out on her reseeded grass paddock, which she obviously loves. She's only on it 2-4 hours right now so she can be adjusted back to eating that much grass since she's been on a drylot almost since she left Lexington last October.