May 21, 2014

Catching Up: Dakota

Oh Dakota... 

Dakota is on delayed evening turn out. Despite me cutting his grain to almost nothing, supplements to prevent weight gain, etc. Mr Dakota has become robust and he's quite happy about it. The new joke is the two of us could go live in middle of Siberia and come back 6 months from now a healthy weight. 

So... he's not allowed to go out before 6:30-7pm when most of the horses are out by 5:30. It's not a huge difference but it's a little less grass time. I may have to try a muzzle again, but I have a feeling one of the other geldings will be happy to assist him in removing it. 

I've been taking him on our trail ride / hacks with L and White Prince. Both like each other's company. We tried taking Dakota with one of L's other horses before he was sold and Dakota was a complete tool / jerk, worse than normal. 

Best part of Dakota these day's is he's back to not eating hay in his stall, during the day. Probably because he's so stuffed from grass. He apparently sleeps all day. 1 flake of hay is now lasting 4-5 days... and yes the hay smells perfectly good and isn't moldy, he's just a grass pig. 

Photo from last night to show off his weight 'condition' - poor Dakota. 

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  1. Shiney shiney - gotta love the good doer! *eye-roll*
    My girls are each the size of a house - Fatty Mcfattersons the pair of them, although it is completely my fault as I don't get out to ride them as much as i should due to work :(