June 3, 2014

Cross Rails, Lessons and Showing

Echo... is a beast. I've said it before I know but I just have to reinstate her beastlyness. It's good and bad. When she's being a naughty mare... she's a beast, when she's in heat it's the most embarrassing thing possible. However, the rest of the time, she continues her beast ways. Healing fast, taking stall rest like a pro, and now under saddle, she remembers her previous day's lessons and is making huge strides so fast in her under saddle training. I keep assuming I'm just partial to the MareFace, mostly to keep myself from getting too high on a kite of her potential.

Last Friday, I set up the tiniest cross rail possible for L and Echo to tackle. Echo was... almost insulted by the tiny challenge. After trotting over it a few times, L asked us to raise it two holes. Echo still barely flinched at the difference but at least made an effort to pick her hooves up and jump it. Of course in typical Allison fashion, I didn't get my iPhone out until the very end and missed all the jumping. 
Busy with dinner, but MareFace has filled out finally. 
In 2 weeks, she is going to an off farm lesson at Team CEO Eventing, which is who L trains with. Her horse is going to a jumper show that evening so Echo is taking his lesson spot. 

She has lead changes down to switching within two strides and is picking up both leads 98% of the time correctly both directions. On occasion she jumps into a turbo canter or just trots really fast but once L brings her back to Earth and ask again she gets it right. 
After cooling out post ride. She also got her mane pulled. No more mustang mane.  
L is already talking shows, which just is blowing my mind because I'm still in the 'her hoof was gone 3 months ago' phase. The first of the Kentucky Horse Park shows options would be Kentucky Classique on August 29th. From there, Jump Start September 26th, Hagyard Midsouth October 16 and Oktoberfest Horse Trials October 25th. In addition there will hopefully be a Thoroughbred show again this fall and maybe some schooling shows out at Masterson Station
Shiny copper penny pony. 


  1. Sounds like she is ready to try more things!

  2. I get confused when you write L because then I think its me.

    1. It's beyond confusing for me too since you're the one and only L! I may give up on identity and just start typing her name out, I don't think she'd mind... ?