June 12, 2014

The Belmont Blunder

Took me longer than I hoped to put this up but here it goes... 

I'm far from disappointed that we didn't get a Triple Crown winner. It wasn't meant to be. To be honest, I had been extremely optimistic about California Chrome's chances until I wrote my Pre-Belmont blog. Writing out all those trends he'd be breaking put a pit in my stomach. They have been trends for a reason and somehow writing them down made them seem even more impossible to break. 

Things I didn't include in the Pre-Belmont blog were things like... he'd be the only Triple Crown winner to win on lasix. Since that's a current battle, part of me didn't want him to win on it for the fear it'd make the pro-lasix case stronger. 

I won't get into the owner's post-race comments because I have lots of mixed emotions and thoughts and it's unnecessary controversy in my opinion. 

In other news, I had a good ride on Dakota last night and we beat the rain with doing a couple of laps on the trails!

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  1. Yeah, I would love a TC winner, but there is just so much working against us having one.