June 29, 2014

26 Non-Horse Things About ME!

I'm 26 today. Since I'm driving to Michigan for the week to spend the week and holiday with family and friends I figured I'd leave you with a list of 26 random facts about me. 

  1. I have a phobia of clowns. Full blown phobia, not just a dislike. Mimes and things in mask / costumes are a not so far behind, but I can tolerate them. Halloween is not my favorite holiday. 
  2. My mother put me in the lake my grandparents live at for first time at 6 days old. Needless to say I have zero fear of water and feel at home in a lake or pool.
  3. I use to think that when my family told me I was going to one day go to Notre Dame University it meant I had to play football. Clearly I was a brain washed 3-4 year old. 
  4. Favorites: Color = Green. Number = 6. Food = Really anything Italian or Mexican. Dessert = Ice Cream. Green Bay Packers, Detroit Red Wings, Yankees or Tigers. 
  5. Only child for 15 years. Now have a half sister that's 15 years younger than me.
  6. Youngest of 3 cousins on Dad's side of family, oldest of 11 on Mom's side of family. Dad's side did screw it up by my only uncle having a kid 5 years ago, but that's ok, he doesn't count. Still determined to be the baby of the family on that side. My next oldest cousin on Mom's side is more like a brother to me, we're just under a year apart and always were a force vs the other cousins.
  7. I can convert time and time-zones in my head way too easily. Standard to military and vice-versa to knowing whats what time zone wise and have a pretty good understanding of who is in what time zone and can convert it to whatever necessary in my head. My co workers love me when we do Japan and South America racing. 
  8. I love technology. It kills me to not have the most current electronics available. My laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod all need updating. 
  9. I've never had a tooth cavity and never needed braces. Both my parents have terrible teeth. I'm convinced their bad teeth genetics cancelled each other out.
  10. Backstreet Boys > N*Sync, Justin Timberlake Solo > Backstreet Boys. Backstreet Boys + New Kids on the Block Tour > Anything. That shit was epic, enough said.
  11. I've been told I could be a celebrity's best friend. Unless you were in a boy band or part of the cast of Grey's Anatomy, Friends, or How I Met Your Mother, I'm probably not going to recognize you from a lineup of 10 people, let alone know your name.
  12. I love a cheesy romantic comedy movie. They all have the same story and outcome, but regardless I still watch them. I'm hopeless on my movie taste.
  13. If I didn't have horses, my spare time and $ would be all dedicated to traveling. My dream is to be able to travel AND have horses but so far that hasn't gone so well in life. I'd probably be the top rank for airline miles if I had the chance. 
  14. As a kid I use to love watching bowling on TV. Which was probably started by my grandpa and mom being in a Friday night bowling league and tagging along. I was on a Saturday bowling team when I was 9. That did't last long.
  15. I made the 7th grade basketball team. However my parents forced me to choose between riding lessons and basketball. I chose horses and got Dakota months later. One of my biggest regrets in life is not going for basketball because I love the sport and it was fall / riding lessons were ending for the winter so I probably could have done both if I had pushed my parents hard enough. 
  16. I was suppose to play tennis in high school starting in 10th grade after going to camps etc. Then I tore my ACL ending my tennis run in high school. Still love to play though! Also nothing beats a Sunday afternoon of watching a round of a particular series. 
  17. I was THAT kid in high school. That one that 'overachieved' in community service stuff. I was part of SADD and PALs and was head of 2-3 mini-committees for SADD my junior/senior year. All 4 years of high school I had 100+ hours of SADD community service hours. 
  18. Never missed a high school varsity football game from 7th grade on.
  19. I love HTML.
  20. I hate odd numbers. I'm all about symmetry, I don't like things uneven. Odd numbers can't be split in half into a whole number and it annoys me.
  21. I was tested for MS at the age of 16 - super early for symptoms to display but I had multiple. Test came back negative but I've been tested an additional 3 times by various doctors since. One of my biggest fears is for the day the test comes back positive. 
  22. Love to cook. Baking is ok but I love testing new combinations of seasonings / spices / flavors!
  23. Super shy and quiet. I'm a much better listener than talker. Unless you successfully pry me out of my shell, then I don't shut up.
  24. I'm not a fan (putting it lightly) of clothes shopping or shoe shopping. Anti-girly in this way. I'll go clothes shopping if it's for riding clothes though!
  25. I can sorta sew and use a sewing machine. I can knit too. Put them together it makes me sound super old! Thankfully both have come in hand for horse things. 
  26. Procrastination is my best friend.