June 26, 2014

Spurs and Video

Yesterday Lauren didn't work so she took Echo out without me there. Something we're trying out for many different reasons. The other times I've not been there she looks for me and isn't completely focused. We all know how attached she is to me so we're trying to break the umbilical cord a little when it comes to riding at least. I can't be there throughout an entire cross country course so she needs to know it's ok to leave me. However by the sounds of it, yesterday she was much better about my absence. 

Lauren also added spurs and said she became much more responsive to her leg. For a horse that likes to be pushed around and usually pushes into pressure, it's 0% shock to me that she does better with the spurs. Glad she switched to using them now rather than later, especially if it's going to help. 

As promised, here's additional video from our schooling day on Monday.

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  1. Yay for L & Miss E building a bond - they look fab XC!