June 18, 2014

Side by Side

So a few of you may know, but my two besties, Colleen & George have left the farm where I board for bigger and better things. Over this past weekend, all their horses were moved, leaving the barn empty in more ways than one. However, one of the bright side things is two stalls side by side opened up. Dakota and Echo have had another boarder's horses in between them so I took the opportunity to move stalls and have them back together. 

George also had been given a hand-me-down tack trunk. He didn't need it with where they moved to, so I now have two tack trunks after getting his hand-me down. 

I'm working a half day today because it is Echo's first off farm lesson with Lauren. When we first planned it we didn't know it was going to be an on going thing with the retirement of Lauren's horse. Anyways, I figure I may as well go to the first one to see how it goes and offer extra hands to help get her ready if needed. I already have my camera charging and memory card empty so I intend to have lots of video and photos to share!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear your friends have moved, but bonus on the extra tack trunk & I hope all went well with first lesson!