March 28, 2014

Updates of Nothing

Whole lot of nothing going on here. Which after the last few months we've had, is ok with me. 

Snow earlier this week, now back to the 60's and rainy. Last weekend I reseeded half of Echo's paddock so the rain is welcomed to help the grass grow. Her paddock has a fence w/ gate in middle, so for now she's in the front half which was basically a dry lot already. I put the seed on the back half for later this summer when she can run free. The front half isn't much bigger than the round pen so she's been upgraded from round pen freedom to tiny paddock freedom. 

Vet was out this week to do vaccinations and I just had mine dispensed to save myself a few $. I haven't poked them yet, which I should probably do tonight and over the weekend.

Dad will be here visiting me this weekend, so extra time won't be with the ponies but it will be good to see him. I may have to tell him about Echo, I'm scared! He's never known about a second horse I've owned until after I sold it. Dakota was the first and only as far as he knows. Echo isn't going anywhere so he has to find out at some point. I can't keep hiding her when he goes to the barn with me, especially now that she's on stall rest. 

Monday is farrier. Dakota could probably wait another week for a reset but Echo needs her hind hoof reset in the bar shoe so I'm just going to have both done to save time / effort.

Next weekend a friend is coming to Lexington and we're going to the women's NCAA final 4 in Nashville. Despite Nashville and Knoxville being super close to me, I've never gone so I'm super excited. Plus she bought the tickets so I'm happy to go to a free series of basketball games!

Spot, our barn cat that belongs in the the barn Echo & Dakota don't live in, keeps coming to visit us at night. She's super loving and was sitting on my shoulders while I walked in Echo's stall and then this happened. Naughty Spot! Echo didn't care though, good mare. 


  1. No news is good news in this case *thumbsup*
    Teehee I didn't tell my parents about Nancy till after I bought her either...we so bad!

  2. Tell Spot hi! And of course Echo and Dakota, too :)

    Pixie thinks she's a spoiled princess now because she has her own stall and two boyfriends - not counting Abercrombie, since he's her brother. ;) But she wants to make sure to say hi to Echo as well!

  3. When things get crazy busy, quiet days are good.