March 17, 2014

Something To Remember Me By

Oh Echo. It's really all I can say at this point. 

Last Thursday I did a number on myself by hitting my head on metal shelves int he feed room, causing a giant bump to form after the bleeding stopped. I ended up with a dull headache on Friday and Saturday making me think it may have been a very very mild concussion. Of course the weather was wonderful and I wanted to ride Dakota but I wasn't going to risk me doing something stupid. 

Instead, Saturday I decided to go for the 'safe' option and took Echo out of the round pen where she was having some outside time and headed off for a walk around the 'track'. Most the horses were already in, but a few were running since it was time for them to come in. Que Echo rearing, and bolting backwards. I held onto her and made her run backwards for her idiot moves. Time to continue our walk and we moved on. 

We got past the spot she freaked before and about 10 strides later in one swift movement she reared next to me but moved into me on her landing knocking me to the side. I didn't fall and caught myself but instead of holding ourselves together, Echo jumped behind me with a half-ass rear and landed on the back of my leg mid step. Needless to say my leg is covered in a solid bruise from back of my knee down to my heel and any time I move, I think of Echo. 

After a discussion of not pulling me around like a giant bully, I fumbled my way into getting Echo into her stall. I shoo'd her to the back of her stall so I could dump her alfalfa cubes like I do EVERY night. Que butt turning, tail swishing and a valid attempt to kick me. I took the only thing I had, my 8qt pail her alfalfa cubes had been soaking in and whacked her across the rear with it. I made her stand at the back of her stall until I saw signs of a submissive mare, licking and chewing. Two hours later I got what I wanted from her and I allowed her to eat. 

Last night it was snowy again, I was sore and just wanted to be at home. Cleaning Echo's stall I notice this: 
Poor attempt to break 100% free from the wash stalls. 

In the meantime, I think Dakota is enjoying my fury with Echo and sucking up to me hard core, nickering at me anytime I walk past him.


  1. You need a safeword to use with echo when she is your safe option!

  2. Oh Echo. It's hard to remember and learn how to behave sometimes :)

  3. Oh Echo indeed, Ow Echo more like...hope your bumps and bruises heal up sharpish and that Echo relocates her manners. The joys of horses eh?