March 12, 2014

Blog Hop: What's In Your Name?

No arm twisting this week! I enjoyed doing L's Blog Hop last week so here's week 2!

Whats the story behind your blog name / URL? 

I feel pretty uncreative when it comes to the name of the blog. Woven Web = Echo's registered name with The Jockey Club. I've always been a lurker of reading friend's blogs but I never had my hand in the blog writing world until I got Echo. The purpose of the blog has always been to have something for me to look back on and see what we've gone through. As well as the process of unbroke, broodmare Echo to a riding horse or back to broodmare if riding is a failure.

Since Woven Web is a little techy if you think about the name in a way not associated to... spiders. So of course was taken. Side note - since I failed to find a barn name for Echo related to spider names or Charlotte's Web I think if / when I ever breed her I'll twist the foal names to more of a techy sense of her name if I use her name as naming inspiration. 

It was actually Lyssette that suggested to me naming my URL something along the lines of what I'd want to one day name my own farm. Lighthouses = reminding me of Michigan and Lake Michigan. I love Lake Michigan, the beach and water so it was something I kind of settled with. Water = blue and my 'colors' are royal blue and kelly green so it all tied together in my mind. Now that being said, if I ever have my own farm here in Kentucky, lighthouses are not exactly something iconic for the area. I'd probably make myself some sort of pond and put a lighthouse on the edge or find a way to make it work. Only time will tell. 

One of my favorite places in the world. 


  1. Cool! Being from Michigan, I love Lake Michigan! It's my favorite lake. Too bad I live way on the other side on Lake Erie.

    1. Boooo Lake Erie, Lake Michigan is the best!

  2. :) Glad you started blogging too.

  3. I had always wondered about your blogspiration :-D
    So delighted you joined the blogging community, hope the critters are healing & behaving!