March 13, 2014

Spring In The Air

Tuesday I took my lunch hour at 4pm and was off work at 5 so basically got to leave an hour early. Work was super quiet so I do this sometimes when I have a good chance and the weather is perfect for pony time. My goal was to ride Dakota and have some good time with Echo. Goal = Achieved. Took Dakota on a leisurely hack/ride with White Prince and Honey. He was super good! He got a bath after and then I turned my attention to Echo, spending lots of time hand walking and grazing on whatever she could find. 

Today = Today marks my work schedule being shifted from me working closing shift on Fridays to now Thursdays. 

Despite it snowing yesterday, it's back to warmer temps and spring is definitely coming! Fingers crossed that the white crap is officially done. 


  1. Replies
    1. Tell me about it. This is more something Michigan would pull than Kentucky. Evil!

  2. Yay for good pony days of hacking, bathing & general ponying time!
    Hope warm weather stays, deapite almost summer temps these last two weeks (seriously it's bee 20C for my lunchtime dashes) three people have told me it's going to snow next week :'(

  3. Hey now, just because it was -1 today and its going to be 40 tomorrow doesn't mean Michigan is evil. Oh wait, yes it does.
    Lucky you can take your lunch like that!