March 7, 2014

Two Week Post-Injury Vet Visit

Notes from today's vet visit. 
  • Her hoof has cornified and her risk for infection has significantly decreased, almost to non existent. 
  • Still on stall rest but activity level can be increased. This means Echo now gets to be let loose in a dry arena, round pen, etc. As long as she isn't where she'll be in mud she can be out. 
  • I can wipe down the hoof now with wet towel, cloth, etc to clean it. Before I was forbidden to get it wet. 
  • Hoof wrapping is no longer going to be 5 layers, but now two: vet wrap and duct tape. 
  • I can continue her low dose bute if she's acting off a day or over does it in the arena like she did today.
  • Vet's extremely happy with her weight from where she was after coming from Texas, night and day difference in her. Vet also was happy to see how content Echo is with me. Since she's the one who really found Echo and passed on her need for a home to my friends she has a special place for Echo and loves her. Echo is pretty fond of her as well, which she proved by continuously searching her for cookies. 
I have video of her arena outing that I will have to post over the weekend. Lots of running! I don't think she'll get so amped up now that she'll get to do this every day. 

Shameless plug for horse racing. Tomorrow there will be a rematch between the first two place finishers of the Breeders' Cup Classic. Watch if you can! Such a great rematch and day of racing. This stuff still makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. Click the image for more information on watching. 


  1. Yay Echo! Glad to hear she is continually getting better :) Will definitely be thinking of you guys and crossing my fingers that good news keeps coming.

    Btw...hug my ponies for me, too!!! ;)

    1. Thanks Em! It's thanks to you seeing her getting hurt that her infection risk wasn't worse.

      I'll give your ponies hugs and a treat. Echo saw Pixie today and talked to her a little. When are they leaving?

    2. So far the plan is next Thursday (13th), barring any unfortunate weather circumstances. Hopefully it will be spring-ish enough! Can't wait to hug the little fuzzballs myself.

  2. Great news on Miss Echo, especially that it is healing well, infection risk decreased & she can move about dry areas.
    Best news is that she is happy in her life with you...but then again why wouldn't she be?! You're fantabulous!
    How's the D-man doing?

    1. D is D... he's still wearing 1 shoe because of scheduling conflicts with my farrier but he'll be out Monday and put the shoe back on the little butt-head.