March 4, 2014

Blog Hop: 7 Deadly Sins

After much arm twisting L @ Viva Carlos has me doing her blog hop. Okay, not so much twisting as explaining because I've never done this and was /am clueless. 

Pride - Seven great things/strengths in your riding life.
1. Being self efficient in my horse care
2. Staying calm in a horse emergency
3. Knowledge of Thoroughbreds
4. Barn organization
5. The fact I'll still get on a horse after head injuries I've had
6. I can master any sitting trot, no matter how bouncy
7. Teaching ground manners

Envy - Seven things you lack or covet for you or your horse.
1. Unlimited budget
2. Confidence
3. My own truck and trailer
4. Wooden tack trunk
5. Those who can get on their horse without lunging before
6. Broader knowledge of warmblood pedigrees/lines
7. A new Charles Owen

Wrath - Seven things that make you angry
1. Not cleaning up after your horse in a wash/grooming stall
2. Bad arena etiquette
3. Not warming your horse up before a ride
4. Not picking hooves before a ride
5. A bad polo wrap - don't bother if you can't make it look 1/2 decent
6. Not having any empty muck tubs when I need to clean my stall
7. Uneducated owners

Sloth - Seven things you neglect to do or cut corners on
1. Not bleaching my feed pans & water buckets as often as I should
2. Let my stalls go a day longer than I should before adding more shavings
3. Not rinsing my bit after every ride
4. Grooming only saddle area and picking hooves sometimes
5. Rarely cleaning my paddock boots after riding
6. Anything to get out of pulling a mane
7. Waiting to buy hay and shavings after I'm already out

Greed - Seven most expensive things you own for your horse/riding
1. Courbette dressage saddle
2. Dakota's Stubben hunter bridle
3. Dakota's Stubben dressage bridle
4. Back on Track Sport Boots
5. Back on Track Saddle Pads
6. Leather Halters - love me an expensive leather halter
7. My sheepskin half pad

Gluttony - Seven guilty pleasure or favorite items
1. Shampoo's & Coat Conditioners 
2. Hearing people tell me how pretty Echo is
3. Saddle pad hoarding
4. Discovering a great horsey product first
5. Lots of white, I love some chrome on a horse
6. Back on Track
7. Rarely happens now, but our group dinners at Jalapenos

Lust - Seven things you love about horses and riding
1. Mental, physical and emotional benefit of being around horses 
2. The equine community
3. The never ending list of friends and networking connections
4. Leather
5. Fashion & Style
6. The smells of a horse barn - hay, fresh shavings, etc.
7. The jokes, lingo and all the tiny things only other horse people -get-


  1. Lol most of us don't clean our boots.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one though :)

  2. Love these blog hops & learning more about my blogging buddies :)

    1. :) we get to learn some of the little things about each other

  3. We will work on those empty muck tubs and Jalepeno dinners! Now about those inconsiderate souls who do not clean up after to suggestions but thought I had gotten rid of all of them.

    1. Thankfully the muck tubs seems to of been an isolated experience but still worthy of making the list.