April 2, 2014

Solo Hack Part Two

Hacking is something I love. Hacking solo however, is something that has always eluded Dakota and I. I had yesterday off work and spent late afternoon and all evening at the farm. I had some other stuff to take care of, but after finishing stalls, I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't take the opportunity to ride. Echo was hanging out in her paddock so I pulled Dakota in for a quick grooming and we headed to the arena. 

I got on with zero expectation, as I usually do, and let Dakota just have full rein length. He was loose from the get-go and was freely walking and completely relaxed. Note to self, now going to try this from now on. No more getting on and pulling in my reins to get him on the bit right away. 

We walked, we trotted, and we trotted for the entire time without him trying to create new gaits. There were a few moments he was off in his front left that's most recently caused problems but I'd push him forward and he'd be fine. I'll keep an eye on it in the future but there was no heat and he had just gotten trimmed so he should be fine. Finished up in the arena, and he was sweaty so I decided to go out for a hack. 

Yellow is boundaries of the farm as far as I know.
The red highlight is where Dakota and I ventured last night and we went 1/2 down the driveway as well. We finished up the night with a lap around the track area. 
Other news, Echo is in heat and driving everyone nuts. Farrier is happy with how her hoof is looking. Depending on how the next 2 weeks go I may be in the clear from the vet to start lunging her with tack etc. 

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  1. Woohoo for Dakota saddle time & solo hacking. Your farm looks massive, such cool hacking opportunities.
    Glad to hear Echo is also doing better :-D