April 18, 2014

Partial Clearance

One day I'll have a better schedule for posting updates! I'm now in a two week frenzy of packing, Rolex, moving and then Kentucky Derby. Maybe by the end of May I'll have an ounce of sanity, but not likely. My June vacation / time off is looking better and better. 

In good news... Echo has farrier AND vet clearance to start ground work! My farrier was confident she would be fine two weeks ago when he was here to trim / reshod but I was hesitant so I put off talking to my vet about it until this week. Today marks week 8 post injury and my vet agrees that if I go slow she should be fine and just to let her tell me when she's had too much. 

I'm going to go as slow and light as Echo will allow. She's going to be her beastly self.  I figure I'll start with 10-15 minute walk and trotting on the line and slowly build up from there. Maybe building up time first and then attempting cantering and then going to tack and side reins etc. 

Sorry hoof is kind of dirty... I had hard time getting it cleaned up yesterday!


  1. Allie, has her hoof always been bullnosed like that? I've never noticed it, but I haven't paid much attention either...

    1. No it wasn't. It was something the podiatrist changed on the first visit. Plus the vetwrap I had been putting on for the longest time rubbed below the coronet band taking a few layers of hoof off / thinned the wall. I'm not sure what the hoof is going to look like when we're all said and done.

    2. Yeah, that makes sense. I guess its a good thing they grow out LOL. Hopefully that part you had wrapped won't chip and flake when it's near the toe. Oh mares...

  2. Wow, it looks SO much better! I'm so glad the recovery has been going well. :)

  3. Glad to hear you guys got the green light, hope all goes well at Rolex, with the Move and that you have a ball at the Derby!
    All the fun things! *thumbsup*