February 27, 2014

Hooves Don't Lie

Sorry for the lack of updates. It's been a tiring week since Echo was injured last Wednesday. Last big update on her injury was the next day when the podiatrist came out and put the bar shoe on her hoof Thursday. Well, Saturday my vet came out for the first hoof bandage change and while I was at work, it was reported that she was pretty naughty for it but the hoof itself looked clean and in ok shape. I was told to go ahead and proceed with every other day changes and stick to the hand walking plan. 

Monday I was at the barn bright and early to meet the farrier. First I held Windy for Colleen while he got his front hooves done. He's had chronic abscesses problems so she decided to have my farrier have a look at him and he did a great job with him. Next, Dakota stood like a pro (unlike last time) while his shoes were reset. Farrier was really happy with how his hooves have changed in the short 6 weeks he's been working on him. 
Stall set up. Moved Jolly Ball though and added a second hay net. 
Next up... Echo. Plan was to at least get through her front hooves and if she would tolerate it to try trimming the hind left (uninjured one). She was hesitant to pick up the fronts but was very well behaved for the ordeal. She actually offered up her hind left so the farrier went after it. Good news is the hoof is trimmed. The bad news is the hoof was in very poof shape. He said the trim she had right before leaving Texas set her hooves up for failure and that the right hind one probably tore easy like paper. Essentially the bars of the hoof weren't trimmed proper and over grew and created a nice hook for her to catch things on.

Last night was my second hoof wrap change. I got new no-bow wraps which I will write a review on at some point after we're through all of this to see how they hold up. They're the Lettia Coolmax ones and I love my other Coolmax products so I'm optimistic. I've been keeping her hind legs wrapped almost 24/7 just for support. She's had some filling in both with minimal heat in the right. Wrapping itself last night was smoother than Monday's hoof change thanks to Colleen and her ability to entertain a yearling state of mind. 
CANNOT stand still!
This definitely happened...
Me: "Crap there's another piece of gauze up in there" 
Picks up hoof and looks to see how I'm going to get it out.
Me: " I can't tell if that's gauze or... lamina"
Colleen: "Yeah that's lamina" 
Looks closer
Me: "Well I'm happy I didn't try to tear that out!"


  1. I feel like Colleen should have a blog.

    1. She should. I've been trying to get her to create one for almost a year. One day I'll break her down!

  2. Lots of feet things going on! Hope everyone is ok and feeling better soon!

  3. Love the photos & stall set up, hope that keeps Echo's mind active & out of mischief.
    Yay for D's tootsies doing well!