May 28, 2013

KY Horses: Meet "Imperial Wind"

While Echo and Dakota sit in Michigan waiting for their June arrival, I thought I'd introduce a few of the main horses I'm around now in Lexington. When they arrive they are most likely going to be turned out together and not with any other horses so no field mates to introduce but possible riding and barn horsey friends.

"Windy" is a 1993 thoroughbred gelding by Imperial Falcon out of a dam by name of Winnowing Wind. Racing until he was 14 years old, he made 123 starts on the track and placed in the top 3 50% of the time. 

Yes he is a half brother to yesterday's Slewcy's Gale. When Colleen worked with Slewcy  at the Kentucky Horse Park she started following all of her dam's foals and the entire female family. She used Virtual Stable (yes shameless plug for my work) and once Windy was racing at age 14 she contacted his trainer and arranged shipping him to Kentucky. His trainer still calls on occasion to check in on him. The years of racing wear and tear have taken a toll on his stifles but at 20 he's still acting like a 2yo and enjoying retirement.

Windy and his donkey, Alfredo. Windy hates anything horse size so he has a mini and a donkey, fondly referred to as  'the nuggets'.
He's definitely one of my favorite horses in the barn. So full of personality!


  1. Wow, raced until he was 14! That's crazy.

  2. Love that he has nuggets to keep him company - how cute! :)