May 8, 2013

T-Minus 24 Hours

Ahhhh I leave tomorrow!

Yesterday I spent a solid 9 hours packing the rest of my things. Tonight I'll put what I'm taking with me tomorrow in my car. The rest gets to sit and wait for moving truck day in June. 

Saturday, S and I headed to the barn super late because I of course had to watch KY Derby coverage all day (YAY ORB!). K was suppose to spend the night with me one final time but her dog went into labor, of course they didn't know she was pregnant. Yay for un-neutered and spayed dogs (insert head-shake). However on a good note. K and her mom, dad and boyfriend spent the day Saturday fencing in our trail area to let the horses have extra room to run and some grazing area. K will still be able to ride out there so it was a win-win situation and something that probably should of been done much sooner.

Sunday I had dinner with S and her family as a going-away dinner. I had a class with her mom at the community college so it was great catching up with everyone. Then S and I headed to the barn around 6:30 and of course the barn plans changed as usual. The horses were already out in the new field so S and I hiked out there to see them and see if we could catch Echo or Dakota since I was determined to bathe at least one of them. Dakota was onto me but didn't suspect S to catch him. Thankfully she was able to sneak a lead rope around his neck and that was the end of Dakota-Games. Echo on the other hand was much smarter and avoided bath time on Sunday. Pics of Sunday are below (iPad posting / writing = limited blog editing).

I always do my own vaccinations unless I have to have vet proof for some reason. I of course delayed ordering them to last second possible so they don't arrive until later today. So, as a going away gift to my horses, I get to go stick them with needles! I'm sure they'll love me. I'm glad the KY barn owner knows and trust me enough that when I show her my receipt for vaccinations she knows I REALLY gave them to my horses and not random ones.

Jenny is driving down this evening and staying the night with me at my dad's house so it's 10x easier to coordinate leaving in the morning. Which means it's time to pack up my things at my grandparents, pack my car and return the cats to my dad's house until I get them when I get an apartment in June.

Sad to leave my grandparents, and my animals temporarily but I cannot wait to get back to Kentucky!

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