May 2, 2013


Yesterday was up to 90 degrees. Ouch. Going from 50's last week to 90 today is a bit too much of a jump for my liking. I stayed at my grandparents house, deciding to put off packing yet another day. I cooled off by taking two close to ice showers. There was virtually no breeze to help and no fans or AC in this house. Guess who needs to install the window AC units before I leave for KY? This girl. Otherwise I'm sure I'll hear about it later from the family. 

After my shower I decided to take the golf cart for a ride down to the dock on the lake and drive around for a little while. I sat on the dock for a little bit and started to feel my legs begin to burn so I decided to drive around more.

I got back to the house and parked the golf cart next to my car. I peak into my car and had a realization of my packing priorities. None of my stuff is 100% finished. Yet my tack is all nicely organized and ready to go in my car. I'd rather only take one box of clothing when I drive down than leave my tack behind apparently. My horses won't even be there for another 4-5 weeks! I think I need to reevaluate my priorities... 

Thank you Instagram for awesome filtering.

Driving the golf cart along the lake.
Today is a different story. I'm off to lunch with a previous co-worker. The place we were planning on going to eat had a fire this week so we had to scratch that for plan B. I miss working with her so I'm excited to catch up before my move.

Then it's off to my Dad's house. Focusing on clothing. Four piles - 1) Keep 2) Donate to Goodwill 3) It's in good shape and I'll never wear it so give it to a friend that will use it 4) Pitch it. 


  1. Belatedly catching up on all things Allie, Dakota & Echo!
    CONGRATULATIONS on the job & return to Kentucky! I know how much you loved it there & now maybe this time I'll actually get myself organised and come annoy you like we've often talked about! :p
    Best of luck with the move!