May 29, 2013

KY Horses: Meet "Hermione"

While Echo and Dakota sit in Michigan waiting for their June arrival, I thought I'd introduce a few of the main horses I'm around now in Lexington. When they arrive they are most likely going to be turned out together and not with any other horses so no field mates to introduce but possible riding and barn horsey friends.

Hermione is the second horse of Colleen's, well, kind of the first! She was the first horse Colleen owned. Hermione's mother is Slewcy Gale and Imperial Wind is 'Creepy uncle Windy'. "Herm" was bred and born at Kentucky Horse Park. Her sire is a registered, popular sport horse Percheron. 

Super strong willed, but very sweet and loves people. She's spent time in training as a three year old and at five when she was sent to a police horse program at one of the colleges nearby to take part in their 'breaking' session of their program. Now if I could convince Colleen to work with her, Herm might be one of my horses riding buddies!

She's the itchiest horse I know!


  1. She's a beauty, I'm a recent convert to heavier horses X with the lighter variety (as well you know), I LOVE their personalities!
    She is gorgeous, hope your quest to have her join you as a riding buddy is successful! :D