February 7, 2014

Round Up on 2013 Goals

This is overdue. But hey it's done first week of February so at least it's done now! In all honesty this post has been sitting as a draft for weeks but got buried and I forgot about it. Since horse news is slow and I'm stuck mostly inside because of weather here it is. 2013 got kind of shot because of moving, Echo going to Texas, etc. Here's to a more productive 2014! The goals page has been updated with 2014.

  • Be able to ride again - Riding again!
  • Be able to canter again - Cantered for first time outside in November 2012.
  • Canter again in arena - NEW Goal
  • Have health problems resolved
  • Graduate with my associates degree
  • Transfer to Western Michigan University
  • Lose 50 lb
  • Get a new car

The Horses
  • Improve headset through the trot
  • Perfect headset at walk
  • Work on lateral movements at walk and trot
  • Begin canter work
  • Compete in a sanctioned dressage show

     Woven Web
  • Have solid ground manners
  • Introduce bit / bridle - Achieved!
  • Introduce saddle - Achieved!
  • Begin riding Woven Web - First ride on 2/8/13.
  • Get 30 days of solid work on her
  • Get 60 days of solid work
  • Get 90 days of solid work
  • Present to AHHA for breeding inspection

  • Get my Courbette Husar Touring XL Dressage Saddle Re-Flocked
  • Finish USEF registration
  • Finish USDF registration
  • Go to Rolex Kentucky
  • Go to Arlington Million

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  1. Yay make a 2014 goal of blogging more, you are on a roll keep it up :)