February 22, 2014

Things to Come

This is a post I've been picking at for awhile and now with Echo's injury, I'm glad I had already made some life decisions. 

I'm moving. Again. 

The apartment / townhouse I'm living in just does not fit my budget. In hindsight I should have never moved there in first place but I was blinded by the negative apartments I saw prior and I lived in this complex before. 

I've been having some problems financially and Echo coming back has just put it over the edge. My apartment lease isn't up until end of July but I've worked with the management of the complex and as soon as they find someone to move in I'm moving out early without being penalized. 

Holly, Abu and I will be staying with a co-workers significant other. Their job and schedule is pretty opposite of mine so I might not even see them often. It's a 3 bedroom house so I will have my own room and have a spot for the three of us to sleep. Best part is I'll be saving a lot of money in the coming months, again something that now Echo has been hut is even more important. Worst part is this means moving twice this year, but in the end it's for the best for me. After a few months of staying in the house - hopefully end of summer I will either A) Find my own townhouse or condo to purchase where a mortgage will be cheaper than rent or B) find a new apartment to stay in.

My thoughts on moving twice in one year. 
Since I'm not 100% sure of when I'll be moving from current apartment I've slowly started the packing process of things I won't need between now and then. Stay tuned, I'm always keeping my life interesting!


  1. Tough call, but you have to look after you & your pocket and who knows could be the best thing to have happen - lets hope anyway.
    Keeping everything crossed that it all goes well & that the pennies can start racking up!


  2. Moving is soooo annoying and I fell your pain!