February 5, 2014

Dear Kentucky

Dear Kentucky,

24 hours of amazing winter riding weather does not justify a week of pure shit weather. January 20th you gave us a sunny 50 degree day. The week after you gave us snow, wind and bitter temperatures. February 1st I was able to enjoy another sunny 62 degree day outside and not be stuck at work, rare for a Saturday. Because you were crap for 2 weeks prior, my outside ride on Dakota was limited to walking, slipping, sliding and sinking. You wrapped up our glimpse of spring by 6" of snow after a mini ice storm. Now yesterday a full force ice storm followed by more snow today. Thanks, I think enough is enough. Bring on March and normal temperatures. 

Dakota post ride on Saturday.
I left Michigan for many reasons, but it's crappy weather was a major factor. Go back north and leave Kentucky alone. This back and forth weather is not doing any of my allergies, sinuses, etc any favors. 

A very annoyed resident and her 2 horses.

PS while I was secluded away at home today with what I'm assuming was a lovely case of food poisoning (from my own cooking eek - no idea what was bad!) I sat home watching Netflix all day. Holly and the Tudors provided ample entertainment. Enjoy my special cat and ignore my TV playing The Tudors in the background...


  1. Eep, hope the weather clears up asap!
    When my place is finished, move to Lux & join the girls and I ;-)
    *knock-on-wood* we've had a mild winter so far - thankfully as last year winter was uber long!

    1. If you get me a job I'll be there in a heartbeat!