January 24, 2014

Keeping Warm

Our 50 degree Monday got me too hopeful. Not much going on here. Ponies are wrapped up in layers. I'm spending as little time outside as possible. More snow is heading this way and they haven't managed to de-ice the roads from the last bout of cold wet crap we got!

We lost power the other night at the barn, thankfully only for a very short time. The barn doesn't have city water and runs off the well so not electricity = no water. No electricity = no heat to keep pipes from freezing.

Not considering wind chill!

Anyone have keeping warm tips? Something other than lots of layers? I'd love to hear any ideas!


  1. Eeeps, I don't work in F temps but I do know the lower the number the colder it is so I don't envy you guys!
    Only tips I have foe cold weather is wrap up warm & layer if you have to go outside...but you already know that ;-)

    Have you got those pocket hand warmers or hot water bottles maybe.

    Sorry am no help on frozen pipes situation

    1. I just looked and I can tell you 8 degrees F = -13 C - that will give you an idea :)

  2. They also sell TekGear stuff that helps me stay warm at the barn, and hot apple cider. I know how you feel, I can't work any ponies in this weather! I still have to find warm riding gloves though, for when the weather final makes it above the teens.

    1. I'll have to look for the TekGear! Haven't heard of it. I do like a hot drink after I've been frozen but sadly so far only things I like that I've tried are hot chocolate and herbal tea. I don't always need a hot chocolate sugar rush at night and herbal tea usually puts me to sleep! If I liked coffee my life would be a little easier.