January 13, 2014

The New Diet

You're probably going to read this and think I'm insane and I have too much time on my hands. Truth is I am insane, and I don't have this much time but I'm trying things out. At the bottom I've listed out general descriptions of the things I'm feeding at the bottom. Basically all her meals end up soaked for now because of the beet pulp.

1 lb       Beet Pulp Pellets
1 lb       Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes
1 lb       Rice Bran Pellets
1 oz       Thia-Cal 
1/4 tsp   Source
1/4 tsp   Oregano Leafs
1 tsp      Rosemary Leaves

1 lb        Beet Pulp Pellets
1 lb        Rice Bran Pellets
1 oz       U-7 
1/2 oz    MSM (14,000 mg)
1 oz       Raspberry Leaves
1 tsp      Ginkgo Biloba Leaves
2 oz       Whole Flax Seeds

Separate PM Meal
1 lb        Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes
1/2 lb     Beet Pulp Pellets
1 oz       Equamin

Beet Pulp - The pulp that remains after sugar has been removed from the sugar beet. A high calorie, low protein, low sugar, fiber source for horses. 
EquiMin - Vitamin/Mineral supplement to balance the diets of horses fed non-fortified or small amounts of grain. Biotin, yeast culture and organic minerals are added to increase nutrient digestions, enhance immune response and support hoof and coat condition.
Flax Seed - Protein, Fiber, Omega 3's.
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf - Improves memory, concentration, cognition, improved circulation, antioxidant. 
MSM - Anti-inflammatory, hoof and joint care, detoxifies the body / can make the pH levels in body neutral.
Oregano - Omega 3's, antioxidant, repels parasites, antibacterial properties, actually a top flavor among a study done. Echo eats it right up!
Raspberry Leaf - Calming properties, improves uterine health and relaxes the digestive tract.
Rice Bran Pellets - 18% fat supplement. Supports muscle development and hoof growth. Fortified and high in vitamin E. 
Rosemary Leaf - Used in aromatherapy, the aroma is used to help stimulate concentration. Also ranked in a horse flavor study!
Source - Broad spectrum supplement of trace elements, micro-nutrients, vitamins, etc.
Thia-Cal - B1 Calcium calming supplement. Doesn't test 
U-7 Gastric Aid - Promotes a healthy digestive system including foregut and hindgut. Not an anti-acid or an acid production blocker. 
2nd PM Meal


  1. Wowza lady - I feel like I'm neglecting my girla by abandoning their diet to yard muesli 3x a day. 3/4 scoop morning & evening + 1/2 a scoop after riding with measured spoon of vitamins - although if they're in the turn out for the afternoon they get their evening meal + 1/2 portion of muesli & vitamins after work.
    They also get half a bucket of carrots split between them & 3-4apples in their hay.

    Am I a bad mammy for not taking more on an interest in their diet?! It's just such a minefield feeding, that I'm afraid I tend to bury my head in the sand and figure if it ain't broke - don't fix it *blush*

    1. You're not a bad horse mum! Your girls are in great condition :) Obviously what you're doing works for them. Echo just seems to keep my life difficult. Dakota's grain feeding is super easy now compared to her. He just gets bagged feed and I add his two supplements and he's good to go.

    2. Mares so that to us, although knock-on-wood mine are good to grub up. Long may it last is all I say!
      Keeping everything crossed that this diet works well for Miss Echo and that you can get your Dressage Diva on in no time