January 21, 2014

January Springtime

So it may be snowing and blowing today, but yesterday was a gorgeous 50 degree day and I made my happiness well known by walking around the barn in a T-shirt. 

Got to the barn at noon to meet the vet so he could do the dental appointments. Of course I checked in with him and he was super delayed with lots of colic calls. I had already brought Dakota in and the barn was busy with everyone out enjoying the weather and off for MLK Day. Dakota had bee sound Saturday and Sunday when I lunged him on the line w/t/c. I decided to take the plunge and try riding. 

I went out with two other girls at the barn and Dakota was back to his normal rock star status. He was too well behaved and set the standard high again for himself. It was nothing too serious however, just a nice leisure walk down the driveway and back up to the barn (our driveway is pretty long!). The farrier switch was definitely the way to go and now I'm super happy I kept debating with myself over injections. Farrier switch = long term fix. 

By time we were done riding, it was pointless to turn Dakota back out before horses started coming in for the evening. I took him out to graze and waste time away while I waited some more. 

Jealous Echo
Vet finally made it out to do teeth. Dakota was a wham bam / in and out. Few sharp points but otherwise he was in good shape. Echo on other hand my vet just kept saying 'wow' at how bad her mouth was. He spent more time on her and got her to where he felt she was in a good spot. Now I have no hesitations to throw her back into work full force!

Drugged Koda for Vet


  1. Huzza all around, great news that farrier switch coming good for D & good call on vet check on teeth for Miss Echo.
    Fingers crossed for onwards & upwards with botb beasties :-D

  2. So glad you were able to ride Kota! Hopefully having the teeth fixed fixes ms echo.

    1. Yeah I asked my vet if she had to be done in less than a year to make sure her mouth had a better chance of being corrected for good and he was pretty confident she would be fine now with only yearly exams.