January 14, 2014

Post Texas Vet Visit

Vet came out yesterday to see miss Echo. I headed to the barn about 11:15 to only find a flat tire on my car. Again. I rolled over to the gas station across the street from my apartment complex to quickly fill it and get on my way to the barn. Sadly I had to wait behind a dumb frat boy and his friend who couldn't figure out how to use the air pump machine! I texted my vet that I was delayed and we pushed back the appointment a little to make it all work. Got to the barn, cleaned my stalls, set my feed and brought Echo in for a good grooming. One of the moments I'm super thankful for blankets. It was rainy and gross so having her mostly dry helped.

Weight must be added! Taken a week after arrival as a before shot. 1/13/14
Verdict is a clean bill of health! She drew blood to run a panel to make sure and took extra for a coggins to last me all of 2014 since mine will expire in April. She agreed that she needs to put on weight (don't know anyone that would disagree), and having her on an ulcer supplement is good too right now.

Hamming it up in the wash stall.
Next step: Next Monday = a different vet coming out to do both Dakota and Echo's teeth. It's been a little too long since the last visit, about 14 months. I had hoped to do it closer to 10-12 but this will have to do this time around. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :) Pretty confident it will all come back clean!

  2. Keeping everything crossed for clear blood results & hope everyone behaves having their teeth done.

    1. Behave!? Surely not. Guaranteed they'll both need a little something to make them sleepy.

    2. Usually safer to give them something when going playing in their gob.
      Still hoping all goes well ;-)