January 8, 2014

Coming Clean

First! Happy 13 Years to Dakota! You've survived me owning you this long!

The last two days haven't been the greatest for Echo getting to move out of post trailer stiffness with being stuck in a stall all day but today she finally got turned back out and from sounds of it was very pleased. 

Exploring the arena yesterday to stretch her legs for a few minutes.
Monday she has a general vet exam to make sure there is nothing medically wrong with her to cause some of the antics she was displaying in Texas. I want to rule out uterus problems again as well. From there she will also get a clean bill from a dentist and chiropractor. No excuses. She was just done by the farrier but when Dakota gets done in the next week I'll make sure he doesn't see the need to even her out in any way. 

I saw her stretching oddly in her stall last night. Whether it's being stiff from being boxed up in a trailer and now a stall or if she's sore somewhere I'm not 100%. I do know I got a bit of a reaction from her when I ran my hand over her back - so I think there could be something there. My vet will point me the right direction for sure.

Her diet is very basic for now. No grain. Just my own blend of this and that. I'll post my insane blend once I have it the way I want it and am keeping it. It's going to be tricky because while I'm trying to do everything to stay away from things that could make her hot, she needs to gain weight (again). She was supposedly eating 8lb a day of Triple Crown complete in Texas. I can easily see her ribs from the side, not even at an angle. 

Once temperatures are stable again and she has clean bill from vet, dentist and chiropractor one of the girls at the barn is going to put 30 days on her of just basic riding. Just to ride out any initial bucks or quirks she may put out. The things that should of been done in Texas.

Cold and ready to go back inside to have her other blankets put back on.


  1. Sounds like a good plan to start with

  2. I'm telling you... Ship her to me- I'll give her the inmate treatment, shape her up. ;-)

    PS Happy 13 years BESTIE!!!

    1. Sadly I'm done sending my horses to anyone. It hurts my horses and me in the long run.

      PS Our anniversary is the 13th :P the 8th was a Monday - he came on a Friday (the 13th)

  3. 13 years on the 13th - Yay D! May you have many more happy years together.

    Sounds like a great plan of action re:MissEcho, hope she bounces back to shape with your TLC.