September 26, 2012

Quick Updates 9/26

1) I confirmed yesterday that my former Rood & Riddle (some one Woven Web's current owner uses) pulled blood for her coggins and I sent the address for the state health certificate to be issued. She may or may not ship with her registration papers. Her owner is in California right now receiving alternative, last resort medical care and won't be home until October 10th. She will either mail them to me, or I will be in Lexington end of October anyway and will go get them from her.

2) Her hooves are in decent condition so I won't be needing the farrier ASAP, just within the first 2 weeks is my guess. Was expecting worse.

3) That mane needs to be pulled. I don't care that winter is coming, the mane needs to be pulled. I can see a lot of coconut oil use in our future.

4) I'm starting the blanket debate with myself. She should have enough time to adjust to Michigan temperatures but I still feel bad for throwing her to the possible brutal Michigan winter.


  1. How about the nick name debate??? What shall we call her???

  2. Stay tuned Lindsay, that post is coming!

  3. Any tips on how to keep the coconut oil from solidifying in the cold? It's only been in the 60s here and mine has either dried out or naturally hardened. Makes me sad.

  4. Coconut only is liquid at 76 degrees and above. It's recommended to either carry it in your car to keep it a bit warmer or you can use a spoon, hoof pick or something to carve out a tablespoon worth and work it in your hands and it makes it spreadable on the tail and mane - this is what I've been doing in similar temperatures. Once it gets below 50 though I'm thinking I'll have to put it in my car on the floor so heat hits it and carve a bit out.

    How's it been working on Jitter?