September 29, 2012

One Week to Arrival

One more week to go!

Over the last week, rather than studying for a busy exam schedule, I've began thinking of barn names for Woven Web. I know they call her right now by her registered name. For me however, Woven Web is too much of a mouthful to use on a daily basis. 

The most obvious and first thing that came to mind was Charlotte from Charlotte's Web. I loved the book and movie as a kid so it seems fitting. But again, I feel like Charlotte is too much once again to be a barn name. I could shorten it to Char but I've been leaning more along the lines of Charlie. Yes Charlie is traditionally a boy name but you see it a lot now among girls. Charlotte from Charlotte's Web, her last name is Cavatica, which I like a lot but it seems to not be a popular choice when I offer it up to others for opinions. I could shorten Cavatica to Cava as well. 

If she was a gelding, I'd take the alternate meaning to 'Web' and make a barn name along the lines of Google or Webster but neither of those is very charming for a mare. 

Of course there's the option of picking a barn name not even relative to her registered name, which leaves me with another never ending internal debate in my brain. Every name I like, or have said "oh I want to use that name in the future" is for a gelding or stallion. I have a list of names for mares but they would all be registered names. 

So alas I'm still lost as to what I'm going to call my lovely mare when she arrives. I won't be making that final call until I meet her next Sunday and get to know her for a few days. If anyone has a creative idea I'm open to hearing it. Those who know me well, know my creative juices are limited.

Top Names
  • Charlie
  • Cava
In other news, I've gone through a lot of my unused tack, supplies, etc and I think I have both a schooling and show bridle that will fit and look great on her. I shockingly (not) also have enough 8qt and water buckets to allot her to have her own. Just a few things to purchase and I should have enough basics to get me going with her!


  1. I debate on whether or not to tell you this, but "evil bridesmaid's" daughter's name is Charlie.

    Anywho, I like Charlie.

  2. I'm sure something will pop up when you meet her. When I got Tucker, I had a whole list of call names for him, and none of them fit. He ended up with Tucker because it fit him, but it didn't fit his registered name at all.