September 25, 2012


Hello world!

I'm a 24yo business student, living back home in the mitten of Michigan. Fair to say I live a stressful life with being a full time student and studying during my hardest semester yet of college. Work seems to be more chaotic by the day and I feel unproductive at the days end more often than not. Between knee injuries and hip / back pain, I've been sidelined from the saddle since end of April. While my gelding has been still getting worked some here and there, I can safely say the last thing I needed was a second horse.

So what happened Sunday Sept 23rd? Yep... Got another horse. Well, I claimed her as mine. She won't be arriving until October 7.

How it all happened....

Last Monday (Sept 17) I saw a Craigslist ad that my friend posted on my Facebook timeline. I reluctantly looked, breaking my #1 rule of not looking for pretty horses for sale. First mistake. Mare was cute, TB, 5-6yrs old, tendon injury with vet report saying it'd be 100% again. So, I emailed the owner. Second mistake. I quickly got a response and after some back and forth communication, I was set to go see her on Sept 21st after work. My biggest problem with this mare is that the owner did not have her papers. So... I started emailing a few Warmblood registries asking for advice on presenting her to a registry if I were to breed her one day and wanted the foal registered. The owner agreed to write a notarized statement explaining how her papers were lost so I could get them replaced by the Jockey Club. I also learned of a few loop holes in the registries for a case like mine. Everything was set to go. Sept 20th I got a heart wrenching email that the owner decided to give the mare away to a family friend. So I put on my big girl pants, sucked it up and told myself it just wasn't meant to be.

The next day one of my friends showed me a link to a mare on that I had previously seen and she looked like she could be a cute mover. However she didn't look like she had much of a personality and something about her left me hesitant. Regardless, I sent her info off to two of my friends for opinions.

That night, my best friend in Lexington texted me telling me she knew of another Thoroughbred mare. Better bred, younger, and in need of a good home. After learning more about her, we agreed for her to go get pictures of the mare overth weekend. Once they were posted on Facebook of me to see I was sold. I told her to get all the vet papers in order and make the call to the owners. Before I hung up the phone I had already confirmed her shipping date via email. As of then, the lovely mare, Woven Web was mine!


  1. Just starting to get caught up now!
    Am really excited to hear all about your adventures with both Dakota and this new girl!