September 30, 2012

Quick Update 9/30

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about managing two horses. 

I crunched the numbers and if everything holds up financially I shouldn't have any problems on that end but my mind keeps spinning on everything else.

I worry about how Dakota will handle not being the single horse. He had major jealousy with the couple project horses I had in high school and had them again when I had Jitterbug in Kentucky. Woven Web will be stalled right next to him and he watches me as it is when I am moving around the barn and not paying attention to him. I don't even want to begin to think about the looks I'll get when I spend time in her stall and not his. Dakota's really a professional at making me feel guilty.

Time management. Work, school, life is still chaotic as usual. I'm in the midst still of switching doctors to try and figure out whats up with my odd pains in my leg and back so I still haven't had a chance to ride. Giving the occasional ride on Dakota to others and free lunging him and Woven Web eventually shouldn't be a problem but I still want to make time to ride three to four times a week once my knee is feeling better. 

I'm off to a four day 'vacation' to Kentucky from October 24th - 28th and I'm already fretting leaving the two horses. Crazy I know. I miss my friends in Lexington like crazy and am 'homesick' to visit. I really -need- the trip just... kind of bad timing. Plus once I'm there I won't want to leave and am sure to be an emotional mess when its time to head to the airport on the 28th.

Yesterday I stripped, cleaned and re-leveled the stall that will be hers. I added most of the shavings, still will have one more bag to add this week. Bleached and scrubbed a bucket for her to use and started tidying up things that will he hers.

I've decided that I'm going to feed her along the same lines of Dakota. He currently gets Triple Crown Complete and topped off with the Triple Crown 30% Supplement. After a wonderful friend introduced me to the site earlier this year, I've registered for FeedXL so I can monitor and manage both Dakota and Woven Web's diet better. Web is going to be getting a few supplements to regulate certain vitamin and mineral levels since she's still considered a growing horse though I hope she doesn't grow and more!!! I'm expecting her to be at minimum 16.2 hands, possibly more... -insert minor freak out-

Also... few friends have asked me how often I'll be posting on here. My goal is every other day at minimum and I'll throw in 'Quick Updates' in between.

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