August 9, 2013

The Great Separation

After dealing with hormonal gelding and mare, two escapes and a few curse words later I finally said enough and split Echo and Dakota to where they can't even see each other in turnout. They're not content just seeing each other like they were in Michigan and both were becoming impossible to handle. Dakota is now out with 4 other geldings in a big field. Echo remains by herself until an opening comes up with another mare. 

Video of Dakota with his new field mates. Puck, the morgan I posted about before is the bay with a muzzle on. Supremo is the other bay, a TB. Finn is the chestnut with no white leg markings and Ned is the chestnut with the white legs - both Ned and Finn are TBs. Basically lots of high strung geldings that will wear each other out. Dakota and Finn love each other.