August 21, 2013


So as you know from my last post, the time I spend at the barn is 1) Going to be more limited 2) Needs to be productive. 

For the last two months, I've been more focused on Dakota except for the last few weeks when he was in dire need of a trim and his shoes reset. Now he's all trimmed up and has shiny hooves again and I had to face a major self dilemma. Dakota frustrates me. If I have high expectations for a ride he's a nightmare. If I get on and expect to do nothing but sit on him we have a great ride. Faced with the fact I can easily work with him again without worrying about his hooves, I began questioning why I'm stressing and working myself up over working with him. Yes he's my first horse, I want him to be successful, I want others to see what I see in him but at the same time I know Echo has more potential and is the one I should be focused on.

So next month, Mareface is getting rode by a trainer 1-2x a week. Not a lot, but it well help me be more comfortable 1) riding her 2) start taking lessons on her.

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